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Please do not hurt me, love, I am a fragile one

If I’m going to have a public platform, I want to use it not just to elevate myself but to elevate issues that are important to me… there are so many more trans folks coming forward and saying, ‘This is who I am, this is my story, I will not be silent anymore, I will not be in hiding anymore,’ and that’s when a movement really happens, right?


I was extremely kissable today and do you know how many kisses I received??? ZERO


Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Us Swoon in John Malkovich Interview [x]



I need to get to know the place again, breathe it in –
feel every quiver of its beating heart. x

"I dont get along with other girls because girls are so bitchy"




the number of people trying to defend their internalized misogyny on this post is absolutely ridiculous

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Actually I am supposed to go back home today..,


every day I am more thankful that In The Flesh gave me a canon queer ship. Because there are loads of ships where I rant in the tags that they’re so in love with each other but Simon actually says it.

"Because there’s what I believe… and then there’s you." He actually says that. And he does it with a smile.


Much to his surprise Kieren Walker defies his philosophy of life and Simon is willing to give everything up for him because Kieren is worth it. And we know it, not just because we’ve analysed the subtext but because he stands in the kitchen of Amy’s bungalow and says it.


It’s so incredibly nice to see a man be openly and happily besotted with another man and I can go and watch that scene over and over again and it’s a real queer relationship that is deeply human and valid and for once not the elephant in the room or just wishful thinking and as a queer person it makes me feel like more of a real person.

ASOIAF Meme: Favourite Scenes [1/6]

↳ “As m’Lady commands.”