About me

Things other people have said about me:

'I'm Conny and I'm a beautiful and amazing singer and I make really pretty gifs and all of this are things I'd probably never say about myself because I'm too humble but since someone else is being me right now those things can be said because they are the TRUTH and I will always fight for the TRUTH. I will now awkwardly exit by making a face like Benedict Cumberbatch in my icon(don't even pretend you can't do it Conny I bet you can). PS I'm awesome. Okbyelovetheairport. Oh and musicals are great'

- Anonymous

'Look at this selfie! What did you say? I'm pretty? Ohh, thank you. Look at this one! What? I'm sexy? Grrrr… Let's flirt! Ooops, did I kill you with all my awesomeness?'

- Anonymous

She’s a good sort. And I’ve got dibs’

- Sematalba

I’ll leave it to you to decide how much of this is true. :D Anyway, this is what I look like.

There’s more of my face here.

So I sing, I make gifs and flail over attractive and talented people. 

My ask box is always open (so is my submit box) so if you ever need someone to talk to or capslock at or just wanna say hello that would be lovely.

Once I asked for someone to draw me wearing a flower crown so I could use it as my icon not thinking anybody actually would but several people did???!!? So since I can’t have all three of them as my icon you can find them here.

full version of my icon by alackoforder


by sherlocktivity


by dottedmelon

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