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the fact some people actually think that John is happily married


…Eh. I don’t know about “Happily”, but most people wouldn’t say that John’s friendship with Sherlock is all sunshine and roses, either. 

that’s not really the point, this wasn’t even about Sherlock. This was about the state of John and Mary’s marriage that started out by Mary trying to kill the person John cares about most on the world apart from herself, knowing how much it would hurt John and all that for the purpose of keeping her identity a secret from the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with. Now this happened about a month after they got married and according to John’s blog the wedding was on August 11th meaning the Magnussen business begins in September.

Cut to Christmas. “Oh, are we doing conversation today?” We don’t know what happened in the three months between the revelation of Mary’s identity and Christmas but obviously they haven’t talked about it once. So of the four months they have been married they spent three not talking to each other and even when they talk at Christmas John makes it clear that this is not over, that he’s still angry and that it will take a long time for things to be okay. That’s not a happy marriage and that was my whole point.

But sure, let’s compare it to the friendship he has with Sherlock. Sherlock, who is not considerate, partly because he doesn’t care, partly because he doesn’t understand social conventions. Sherlock who went into hiding for two years with John’s voice in his head, wanting to contact him but not daring to. Sherlock, who, once he’s back, dives into a burning bonfire without hesitation to safe John. Sherlock, who realizes John has chosen Mary and puts everything he has into making their wedding perfect, putting aside the work for it when we know it used to be all that mattered to him. Making the wedding perfect even though it breaks his heart.

Sherlock gives up his own safety and happiness for John’s sake.

Mary gives up John’s happiness for her own sake and safety.


Sherlock + epsiodes

These are awesome.

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sonjaofhyrkania replied to your post: apparently the train I always took to …

fick die deutsche bahn :( kannst du keine fernbusse nehmen, die sind um einiges billger (oder fahren bei dir keine)?

leider nicht, auf der strecke direkt fährt nichts. Ich müsste mehrmals umsteigen und dann wäre es teurer als mit der Bahn und würde auch noch länger dauern

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apparently the train I always took to visit my parents doesn’t drive anymore, only the more expensive one or I have to take a connection that takes 1 and a half hours more I am so annoyed


The dedication of my next book to my friends here.  If you can’t read it, due to my computer’s suckage, it reads like this:

To Isy and Nancy

And Conny and Laura

To Sky and Caroline and Cassandra

And Jodey and Lily

Amelia, Julia, Sarah and Belle

And Olivia and Maggie and Jess


You told me to write, so at least I could write this

Some of you made characters, some of you were the faces of characters

I love you all, so thanks a lot

And I hope you enjoy this story

And that you are able to find something

Curiouser and Curiouser



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ireneadlars asked: natalie dormer or taylor swift

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