Since I am a naturally lazy and uncreative person I decided to let you - yes, YOU! - decide for me what songs I should record next.

If you have an idea, kindly make your way to my ask box.

And just so I can keep an eye on the requests I already got I decided to make a list. (Because it makes me look like an organized person…)

You can also add your vote to a song that’s already on the list. It might make me do it quicker. Or make me feel guilty for not having it done yet. But guilt tripping me into getting things done is the best way to get me to do things.


ABBA - Lay all your love on me

Wicked - anything (requested twice) 

Mulan - Reflection (in English or German)

Sweeney Todd - Green finch and linnet bird

Les Miserables - On my own

Cats - Memory

Hayley Westenra - Listen to the wind

Pocahontas - Colours of the wind

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