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Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock, In The Flesh, Luke Newberry, Doctor Who, Welcome to Night Vale, Cabin Pressure, musicals and other things I like.

the other half of Conem ♥

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Please do not hurt me, love, I am a fragile one

bendydickcuminmysnatch replied to your post: pocal: badwolfonbakerstreet: so many people I know…

Class of 007 reporting in, ancient right with you.

oh thank god you’re all making me feel so much better

bendydickcuminmysnatch replied to your post: ugh have to go and get another blood test done…

*hugs* Hope everything is okay!

nothing dangerous, the doc only wanted to check how my thyroid levels have adjusted since I started taking meds for them

bendydickcuminmysnatch replied to your post: do you want to know why I distrust the British? …

omg though a good blood pudding is the best …I don’t imagine that helps your argument though. lol

I’m not saying you can’t have it

just give it a different name :D

These people followed me over night:

You’re all insane.