Martin Crieff’s other hobby…
Ever since he inherited the van from his father, Martin’s made the task of looking after the old thing into a hobby. At first it was something he had to do just to keep it running, because he couldn’t afford taking it to a mechanic. But his interest in it has grown considerably, and whenever it breaks down, he gladly picks up his tools (though sometimes with a sigh of frustration because of how often this happens).

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*other noise*

*more noise*

*noise of dying*


Martin Crieff and Princess Theresa for kassna. It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn these two so it’s interesting to see how my style’s changed with them.

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based on mystradedoodles art of martin crieff as icarus

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Unfortunately the flying business is not what it used to be and nobody knows it better than MJN Air’s Captain Martin Crieff. Being a man with a van is not exactly what he always dreamed he’d be but at least it pays a little.
The company is named after the first PASSIONATE pilot in history, no matter what a certain First Officer might have to say about it.

I updated my Icarus Removals shirt after ordering it and now seeing you can hardly see the wings on the actual shirt. That should be fixed now.




friendly reminder that hercules shipwright is afraid of sheep

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I think what we may be witnessing here is Arthur attempting to describe something with an adjective other than “brilliant.”

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"Icarus??…So you’ve deliberately named your company after the first bad pilot in history?”

Martin would die before he told Douglas but… he actually named it after himself.