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okay but imagine martin crieff blogging about planes.

his instagram would be all pictures of planes with a long explanation of each. his youtube account would be videos of planes taking off and martin talking in the background. he’d keep snapchatting planes to everyone he knows. 


Zurich is a two-parter!!!!!! John Finnemore just confirmed it at euroairdotcon! To be aired on the 23. and 24. Of December!

Random Cabin Pressure facts


Over time I’ve collected some random facts about Cabin Pressure that I thought I might share because maybe someone will find them interesting or useful. :3 Enjoy~

Correct spellings of some names:

  • Snoopadoop (x)
  • Karl (of ATC) (x) (x)
  • Hamilton R. Leeman (x


i just had a horrid but also mushy thought what if a few years down the line martin crieff still wasnt having any luck on the girfriends front but he was in a position where he could adopt a kid and he adopted a lil girl im gonna cry




nonbinary martin crieff is of paramount importance

carolyn buying nonbinary martin crieff two pilot uniforms (one with a skirt and one with pants) is of paramount-er importance

supportive carolyn and douglas is the paramountEST
douglas continuing to tease martin about other stuff but never ever even thinking about teasing martin about gender stuff and when martin gets more confident and starts presenting in various different ways douglas is always sure to greet martin with some comment like ‘looking good today, captain’



attention passengers this is your pilot speaking, we’re going to be experiencing some heavy turbulence shortly so please strap in. this loser just bet that i couldn’t do a 360 barrel roll in this thing and let’s just say i’m about to be $20 richer real soon


… but CAN I have pineapple juice?
—(via shappeybunny)


I think about Douglas saying this almost half the time I draw something

Why am I crying over a comedy?
—Anyone who’s ever listened to Cabin Pressure, ever. (via litbythestars)


Exam time is a stressful time, so I decided to make myself something cheery to pin next to my desk.
(This has probably been done before a hundred times, though.)